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Thursday, December 16, 2010

CM 7.1.2: Transfer problem between two CMs in different sites.Why does the call drops?

We have a problem with my CUCM solution.We have 2 CMs with version installed in . One CM is installed in the main office and the another one is installed in a remote site. There is a WAN connection between them. By the way, These CMs are not in cluster, they are independent. In the main office we have a gateway H.323 that has a E1 PRI line to PSTN. There is a connection to the PSTN only from main office, we have no connection to the PSTN from the remote site.

The problem is the following: When an extension of main office receives a call from PSTN and someone wants to transfer the call to an extension of the remote site, the phone rings but when someone lifts the handset to answer, the call drops.

We have set up a inter cluster trunk between the two CMs. Calls between IP Phones in different sites work well. The problem is when the caller is on PSTN and wants to communicate with an extension of remote site.


The first suggestion would be to check regions/locations because between sites you may have g729 setup to save bandwidth whereas your PSTN call is probably arriving as G711.

Try checking the settings of the H323 gateway and the trunk connecting the two CUCM's to see if there is a difference, if the regions are the same, check the locations.

Other things to check are if you have 'MTP Required' checked or not and resources are available for this.

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