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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Is it possible to send a Inbound call right back out the gateway?

We have a customer who wants to send a inbound call to a 800 number once its dialed. We were going to do a CTI route point and point it back out, but we are looking for some other options. Does anyone know if we can send it right back out from a 2811 router? If we can do , then how would we go about doing that? Would it just be a dial-peer to catch the number and a voice translation of some sort to send it back out?


  • You would need two dial-peers: Your normal incoming dial-peer and a second outgoing dial-peer also on the PSTN circuit. Translations are up to you but at a minimum be sure that the outbound dial-peer sends the correct digits to the PSTN or the outbound call leg will fail.
  • You would create a new inbound pots dial-peer, assuming the gateway is VoIP-TDM, then create a translation rule to modify the called number. There should be no need to configure an outbound dial-peer as long as the translated called number matches the existing one.

For example,

Called number: 8000

New Called number: 18005532447

voice translation-rule 1

rule 1 /^8000/ /918005532447/

voice translation-profile fwd1800

translate called 1

new inbound dial-peer

dial-peer voice 1000 pots

translation-profile inbound fwd1800

incoming called-number 8000

port x/y

  • This example assumes that all outbound calls are prefixed with a 9 and that the outbound dial-peer matches on the 9 and strips it being sending the call to the PSTN. I also assume that the gateway is H.323/SIP. If MGCP, this would need to be done on CUCM using translation patterns and CSS/PT changes.
  • An alternative (and simpler) approach would be to use number expansion. Taking the numbers from Felipe's example and assuming that you have an existing outbound dial peer all you need to do is enter the command below in global config mode.

num-exp 8000 918005532447 . This should work for H.323 and SIP gateways.

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