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Sunday, January 23, 2011

3750 Switch Stack - Replacing Failed Switch

We have switch stacks with a mix of 24/48 port, PoE/Non-PoE switch types. We plan on using a common spare 48 port PoE, if our 24 port PoE switch fails, will the provision config be used for the first 24 ports and then the default config for the remaining 25-48 ports? In addition to setting the Priority level to 15, do we need to config the stack member number on my spare switch or will it assume the number of the failed switch?

What we are trying to accomplish is replace a failed 24 port switch, including the existing configuration. We want to be able to install the 48 port switch, and have the provisioned config from the 24 port switch loaded on the 48 port switch. We don't want to have to reconfigure the 48 port switch.


You don't need to re-configure the replacement switch because the current configuration is being "shared" by the entire existing stack. Make sure the replacement switch does not have any configuration (including VLAN.dat file), same IOS version and same feature set (example: IP Base).

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