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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Callmanager Upgrade 4.1(3) to 7.1(3a)

We have built a cucm 7.1(3a) server in a lab environment using the version 4.1 tar file to import the devices. As the server we have built is being used in the lab, can we request the Lic file from Cisco and then when we require the live license can you then request it again? The test server will not be part of the new live cucm cluster. Any other suggestions for how to build the 7.1 test environment to replicate our existing cluster.


Make sure to do this far enough ahead of the production build to ensure adequate time

for the new License(s) to be issued.

Cisco Licensing is very,very good about re-homing these licenses when required. Just send an email to;

Something like this;

We recently acquired licenses tied to PAK xxxxxxxxxxx for our CUCM 7.xcluster. We have to replace the Publisher and now require the license to be re-homed to our new Publisher MAC AAABBBCCCDDD accordingly.

Here is the pertinent info;

End User Name -

Legal Address


Purchase Order Number - 111111

Sales Order Number - 2222333

Bill to ID - xxxxx

Ship to ID - xxxxxxxxx

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