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Monday, January 31, 2011

How to upgrade IOS - 3750 Stack?

We want to upgrade the IOS on my stacked pair of 3750s. There is not enough flash to install the new IOS alongside the old one. Can we do this:

1. delete old IOS from flash1:

2. copy new IOS to flash1:

3. set system boot variable to use flash1:

4. reload and have both switches come up with the new IOS

5. check everything is OK

6. delete the old IOS from flash2:

7. copy new IOS to flash2:

We understand why it is not advisable to have mismatched IOS on the switches with a stack permanently. But is it OK for doing the upgrade, so that in case of problems we can change back to the old IOS more quickly?

We haven't found any documentation which explicitly states that it is possible to do this, and we don't have a way to test it ourself


In order for switches in a stack to come up with the new image ,we need to have the image in the flash of all the member switches.

Therefore if you have the image in just one flash and not in other as you mentioned and you reload with the boot variable set the second switch will not come up with the new image.

Please refer to the following doc ,which will guide you to do the needful. Click here for the document . Another document can be found here .

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