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Thursday, January 27, 2011

IOS Upgrade on a 6500 with redundant SUPs in SSO mode

We’ve read the doc about how to upgrade the IOS on a Catalyst 6509 running redundat SUP720 in SSO mode. So basically the procedure is simple:

1. copy new IOS on disk0: and slavedisk0:

2. update boot variable

3. copy run start

4. hw-module module reset

5. redundancy force-switchover

But the question is: what is the downtime of the network/module when following these steps?

Or is there a better way to upgrade the IOS?


If you are running SXI and later you can do a eFSU which is a hit less upgrade. Click here for further guideline.

But if you are running any other versions (SXF or SXH) the above mentioned procedure is correct but there will be downtime of 2 or more minutes because at one point both supervisors will be running a different image and will be RPR mode.Click here for the link to upgrade doc which you might already have seen.

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