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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What is the CUCM7 TFTP upload procedure

We have two TFTP servers, 03 and 04. What is the correct procedure for installing updated firmware. We log into both servers, and is it install/upgrade with the cop.sgn file, or using the older .zip file and manually coping with the tftp file management? We tried the install/upgrade method. The RTMT logs currently show .loads file not, we are currently on 8.5.3, heading to 8.5.4, and then 9.1.1


UCM version 6.0 : Always install on the publisher first. The .cop.sgn needs to update the database first which can only be done on the publisher. After that is complete, you can perform it on both of your TFTP servers. In all cases you use the Install/Upgrade Software link within OS Administration. The TFTP service will need to be restarted on each node before the unpacked files will be available to phones.

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