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Monday, January 31, 2011

What would be better solution - ethernet 10gb uplink or fibre 8 gb between two switches?

Our company is going to make some changes in it's interior - so we are forced to make new rack room. Old one will stay as where it is, but we will connect two of rack rooms.Question is what two switches would be the best solution to connect two rack rooms? Our first opinion is there must be two separate ways of cables that connect those two switches (one in each rack room). Each cable must pass a lot of walls, and there is possibility of EM influence on cables.We want two separate ways so if one day something happens to one cable connecting two switches, we wouldn't lose connection between floors. What would be better solution - ethernet 10gb uplink or fibre 8 gb between those two switches? or maybe both if it is possible?And to make those two separate ways of cables redundant.


  • Connect each rack rooms using fibre optic cables. Depending on the distance, you can either use multi-mode fibre (short haul/range) or single-mode (long haul/range). 10Gb uplink is possible. Here are your options:

o Layer 2 only switch:

o 2960S "D" series and 2360 (top-of-rack server switch)

o Layer 2/Layer 3

o 3560E/3560X and 3750X/3750E. If you have more finance then you can go with the 6500 (Sup32 or Sup720) or the 4500E (with Sup7).

  • Redundant ways are always nice .Make sure that they do not cross each other or run in parallel somewhere in the building. But would like to stress that depending on how you feel about your security between the two server rooms, there is a solution to the problem of someone ease dropping or connecting into the cables on the way, called 802.1ae. Link encryption at wire speed. The 3750x can do that, however it can not today do it towards another 3750x or 3560x, but that is something that is changing in the next release. That feature is perfect between server rooms. Also the 3750x has a nice power stack feature. and the "normal" stacking feature makes it a nice candidate also. If you need higher speeds fx for moving vmware servers or just data center capacity in and between the server rooms then I would look at the Nexus 5000 series
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