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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another copy process is active, please try again later.Is this a fundamental problem of the 300 Series?

We have a major problem with two new Small Business 300 Series switches.Everytime we try to save the running config we get a GUI error message: "Another copy process is active, please try again later." It's also not possible to re-flash the firmware because the GUI stops responding.We have also tried to do this via console access and this produces a "the copy utility is occupied by another user" error message.So this is not a browser based problem.
Our first thought was that the switch (SG 300-28) is faulty so we unpacked the next new one (SF 300) and got the same error messages!

Then we had a 2 hour webex support session with the Cisco Small Business Support and they did not found a reason for this behavior.Both switches works normally, can configure them, but after a reboot they are back to factory default again . There is no possibilty for copy running config to startup config and it's also not possible to flash the firmware.(Web GUI & Console).

Is this a fundamental problem of the 300 Series?


Do you have option 67 set on your DHCP server? Because, it would seem, the SG300 loads whatever file you have defined by option 67, and tries to parse it as a configuration file. Now, in my case, that file (which is the default for my LAN) happens to be a PXE loader, and apparently attempting to parse that file throws my switch into a fit. Disabling option 67 or disabling DHCP altogether seem to make the device much happier.

The removal of option 67 for the DHCP lease of our SB300 switch is one solution .

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