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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Can we can use two diff. AS no. in EIGRP?

We want to know if we can use two diff. AS no. in EIGRP then cannot communicate but in OSPF we can use two diff. Process ID then we can communicate?


Two EIGRP routers become neighbors if their EIGRP hello packets contain the same AS number and the same K values (used for EIGRP metric), same IP subnet. The two don't need to have matching timers.

With OSPF:

the OSPF process-id is an internal tag that allows Cisco routers to run multiple instances of OSPF with separated databases. In OSPF version 2 the process-id is not exported in OSPF hello packets to build an OSPF neighbor-ship: same area number, same area type, same timers (but they can have different OSPF cost on the interface) in both protocols neighbor-ship is built only on primary address not on secondary addresses and authentication type and password must match if used. So EIGRP AS number is a domain-wide parameter.

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