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Thursday, February 17, 2011

how to create vlan on cisco switch 3560G and do routing

We managed to add ip address and default gateway to cisco switch and able to check via telnet

We have 3 cisco switch and we want to setup vlan and all vlan should be able to reach vlan8 as on picture attached and NATting is done on pfsense.


Initial we have gateway and mask on pfsense,and the rest mean on network,Now we want to have vlan started to subnet as attached.How can we go on each cisco switch,cause all servers and cisco switch belong to vlan8.pfsenseVlan.JPGsubnet.JPG


To create vlan 8 on the switch:

switch# conf t

switch(conf)# vlan 8

switch(conf)# exit

To assign ip address on interface vlan 8 on the switch:

switch# conf t

switch(conf)# int vlan 8

switch(conf-int)# ip address

switch(conf)# end

To assign L2 portson the switch to vlan 8:

switch# conf t

switch(conf)# int gi0/1

switch(conf-int)# switchport mode access

switch(conf-int)#switchport access vlan 8

switch(conf)# end

Following this you can connect a PC on gi0/1 and assign an IP address in the vlan 8 range as mentioned in your diagram. The default gateway on the PC will be IP address if interface vlan 8 (

Similarly configure other switches also. For more info visit here:

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