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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Outbound Caller ID Issue

We have CUCM 7.1.5 and am having some sort of issue with outbound Caller ID. Specifically... We have 500 DID's matching up with 500 internal numbers, all assigned to our PRI circuits. In all cases, we know it is sending the correct string out, because we can call my cell phone (Sprint) from any phone and it shows the correct 10-digit DID. For called parties on some carriers (AT&T, for example) it shows as "Business Name" and the appropriate DID as well. However, I have one specific carrier (Armstrong) in our region that ALWAYS shows the Caller ID as "Unknown Caller".

Armstrong insists that it's an issue with our carrier not sending the right information on the right channel (something cryptic about A/B/C/D channels), but we have a hard time believing their claim since we see it properly everywhere else. AT&T says that we control what's sent out through UCM (number-wise, that's correct, we've seen no evidence to support that's true in terms of the "name" display).

So the question is... what should we be expressing when talking to AT&T (our PRI carrier) and Armstrong that will get them to properly understand the issue? Also, is there anything on our end that we can check to see if it might really be our issue or prove that it's their issue?


  • There are two separate components to Caller ID: Automatic Number Identification (ANI aka Caller ID Number) and Caller Name (CNAM aka Caller ID Name). When you call an Armstrong number, do they see the ANI at least and just CNAM is missing or do they see nothing at all?Either way the problem is out of your hands and needs to be handled by the translations teams at AT&T and Armstrong . Note translations teams are rarely customer facing; you'll likely need to yell pretty loud or get your state PSC involved to fix this.
  • Try this: On the On the outbound calls of your PRI:

Called party IE number type unknown* National.

Called numering plan ISDN

On the PRI protocol Type Specific Information:

Check -- Display IE delivery
Check -- Redirecting Number IE Delivery – Outbound

  • Solved - Previously, we had been advised to change the "Called party IE number type unknown" and "Called Numbering Plan" to National and ISDN, respectively. We changed them, but it was unclear at the time that we also needed to change the "Calling party IE number type unknown" and "Calling Numbering Plan" as well (apparently important for use with Single Number Reach). we also enabled the options for "Display IE Delivery", and "Redirecting Number IE Deliver" for Inbound AND Outbound.
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