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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Voice Vlan Configuration at Branch Location-How to implement voice into our network at a branch location

How to implement voice into our network at a branch location.Should we connect our L2 poe 2960 (for phones) into one of the ports on my 4-port ether switch module of my 2811 router, (Fa0/0 is used by data switch).Or should we do a router on a stick method where is sub interface the fa0/0 into fa0/0.1 and fa0/0.2, and trunk both vlans from my switches to my router.We are not sure about Router-on-a-stick because it seems like if we sub interface one physical port into two ports then we will not be able to use the full bandwidth of the port. We tested the first option with the ether switch module and inter vlan routing happens on the 2811, but are there considerations or best practices that we are not thinking about..


Two factors :

Redundancy and bandwidth. Ideally, you use the 2 on-board FE ports as ether channel and connect these two ports to 2960 via ether channel and 802.1q trunk. Not sure if you can one of the port on the 4-port ether switch module to substitute the function of the other on-board FE port.

If ether channel is not possible, I prefer to use router and a stick if the routed traffic on the voice and data VLAN is less than 100Mbps. Having to FE connection between the 2960 and 2811 does not give you any benefits. You can always add a second port if the bandwidth on the VLANs exceed 100Mbps in the future.

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