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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Can we change the "switch virtual domain 10"

Qsolved Question: We have two VSS clusters back to back via ether channel (not LACP nor PAgP). We have realized that its not a good idea to have the same domain ID on the two VSS'es.So, can we change the "switch virtual domain 10" to e.g. 20 on one of the clusters. The setup is not yet in production, so we are able to reboot it.

Qsolved Answer:

Please follow the steps below :

1) change the virtual domain id " VSS(config)#switch virtual domain 20 "
2) Issue "switch convert mode virtual" command
3) After you do that, switch will save the config and reload it

Your task is complete and the switch will come up with new domain id.

Since, your device is not in production you can follow the above procedure and yes its not advisable to have same Domain ID on two clusters which are connected.

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