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Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to connect the wireless bridge to a layer 2 port

QSolved Question: We have a Microwave wireless bridge connecting two 3750 switches. The wireless bridge is connected to a layer 3 port on the 3750 at each end and all is working fine today. We have some application requirements that we need to connect the wireless bridge to a layer 2 port, basically a trunk port on the 3750 at each end. Please see attached diagram.Has anyone done this before ?

Qsolved Answer : I've seen this done before where the wireless bridge simply acts as a transport mechanism. If you have a stable microwave link, there's no real issues but obviously this type of set up is more susceptible to interference issues.

Example: Figure 4 outdoor wireless VLANs deployment with Cisco equipment.Click here for the reference link.

Points of interest

- Be aware of any limitations with MTU for your microwave link and ensure it can accomodate any extra bytes if you are using 802.1q trunking

18bytes for ethernet header inc CRC

4 byte for the 802.1q tag

1500bytes for the IP MTU

total = 1522bytes.

Brain storming a little

- unstable trunk links will affect switches that carry the same VLANS as the trunk link - typical Layer 2 spanning-tree type issues

- if you intend to use a redundant links, you'll need to consider the fact that if the wireless goes down, the links on the switch will stay up, potentially black holing traffic, where as Layer 3 routing protocols have hello packets which could detect if the link is down.

You could use probes and scripts such as EEM to automate these kinds of things.

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