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Friday, March 18, 2011

Qsolved Question:Ether Channel config - take one port -from each 2960S and connect to the 3750-X for the etherchannel

Qsolved Question: We are doing an ether-channel (layer 2) config for the first time. We have three 2960S switches configured in a stack and a 3750-X. We've been instructed to take one port -from each 2960S and connect to the 3750-X for the ether-channel.

Since we have not done this previously, hoping someone would kindly share the correct commands and/or any tips to get this done.

Qsolved Answer :

Click here for the config guide for the 3750 series on how to configure Ether channel step by step.

Please make sure about the below limitation. PAGP cannot be used when configuring cross stack ether channel as I am sure you will use cross stack for redundacy.

Configuration Guidelines

Follow the guidelines specific to the cross-stack Ether Channel:

  • For cross-stack Ether Channel configurations, ensure that all ports targeted for the Ether Channel are either configured for LACP or are manually configured to be in the channel group. Use the channel-group channel-group-number mode on interface configuration command in order to manually configure ports to be in the channel group. The PAGP protocol is not supported on cross-stack Ether-Channels.

Click here for the URL

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