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Thursday, March 10, 2011

What would the impact on switches be if we shutdown our existing 3750G stack and bring up a 3750X stack with the same vtp settings and ip address?

We've got a 5 switch stack of 3750G switches we plan to replace with a 4 switch stack of 3750X switches. We use vtp to populate vlans on at least 10 other switches around our network.What would the impact on these switches be if we shutdown our existing 3750G stack and bring up a 3750X stack with the same vtp settings and ip address?

Is this type of cut over a good idea or should we add the 3750X switches to my 3750G stack, configure them, move the connected devices and remove the 3750G switches?

The 3750G is running IPServices but it's not at a compatible IOS with the 3750x so an upgrade would be required. The 3750x switches are IPBase.

The stack is our core network switch where everything connects and it is our vtp server. panning-tree is disabled, no dual link and no uplinkfast.The only service the core provides to other cisco switches is vtp. We use 802.1Q to trunk between the core and outlying switches.We are not using vtp pruning. We're not using dynamic trunking.The stack is also handling all our vlan routing with each vlan interface set with an ip address.We are using static routes to send traffic out our firewall.


Build you new 3750X switches off line, stack them, upgrade them to IP services (if you need to) and cut them over from the old once during an outage window. Since they are all 3750s, you can download the config to a TFTP server and load it back to the new 3750X switches. Just watch out for port numbering and any error messages you may see during the upload.

Solved : We have our new core set up and we connected it through a trunk interface. The new core downloaded the vlan config as expected. Then disconnected the core from the network and set the IP and configuration. We could not reuse our config from the old core becuase we are rearranging our connected devices to take advantage of the stack-wise plus technology now available on the new core. We changed the vtp domain name to a random value to clear the "configuration revision:" field to 0.

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