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Thursday, April 28, 2011

FWSM and IDSM-2 with Sup-720 BackPlane question

QSolved Question : If you add to ur existing 6509-E Sup 720 1 FWSM and IDSM-2,does these reduce the performance of the box? Isn't the Backplane of the 6509-E sup 720 is 720 GB? We would like to add these to our core to protect the server farm. What is the bandwidth of SVI interface? What is the backplane of FWSM and IDSM-2?

QSolved Answer : In Cat6500 we have two data path - one via switch fabric and other through the 32-Gbps shared bus.

Of course, fabric-enabled modules use switch fabric path, while non-fabric modules use 32G shared bus.

I believe you have CEF256 based FWSM.
If so, it can have bandwidth of upto 6 Gbps (and switching-mode should be truncated in presence of other fabric-enabled modules)

Please click here for more details for the Firewall Service Module Config Guide - specifications

Sup720 switch fabric can support upto 18 20Gbps full-duplex (18 x 20gbps x 2 = 720 Gbps) channels.

As long as you have <6Gbps traffic to FWSM, it should not be a problem.

In this switch, Module 9 is a FWSM.
6509A#show fabric utilization
slot channel speed Ingress % Egress %
9 0 8G 2 0

Even though it has 8G fabric connection, it can have maximum of 6x 1Gbps port in the channel.

6509A#show etherchannel summary
Group Port-channel Protocol Ports
280 Po280(SU) - Gi9/1(P) Gi9/2(P) Gi9/3(P) Gi9/4(P)
Gi9/5(P) Gi9/6(P)

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