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Thursday, April 7, 2011

VOIP Switches - Do we need layer 3 switches for VoIP?

Qsolved Question: We have a client ready to upgrade to all new Cisco switches. They have fewer than 200 network devices, probably 150. The only question is 2960S’s or 3750’s (they might need to stack later). This decision might be based on the possibility of them going to VoIP in the future. They say they might. Wouldn’t we need layer 3 switches for VoIP?

Qsolved Answer: No, you don't particularly need layer 3 switches for VoIP. You would want to setup a voice VLAN that's dedicated to the phones but it wouldn't really be different from any other VLAN in the environment. Whatever is doing layer 3 now can do the routing for the new voice VLAN.

You don't need a Layer 3 to do VoIP. You will need a Layer 3 appliance to route between different VLANs. The Layer 3 device could be a router (1800 ISR1 or 1900 ISR2) would be affordable.

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  1. If they want the infrastructure to be ready for VoIP you need to ensure the switches supports Power over Ethernet (POE. otherwise they can use FXS ports to connect analogue phones to VoIP or use a power brick or Power Injector to supply the phones with Power.

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