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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CiscoWorks LMS 3.2 Campus Manager missing a switch

We have a problem with Campus Manager on LMS 3.2, it all worked fine until we had a failure with the supervisor on one of the 6500 switches, since it was replaced the switch is not available CM.

The switch is in Common Servers and RME and the credentials test fine but it isn't in CM. The databases are set to auto, initially afterward it appeared as an unmanaged device in CM, I added it but nothing happened. I've also removed it from Common Services and rediscovered and it appears in CS but still not in CM. On the topology diagram all of the connections from other switches to the 6500 are displayed as vertical grey lines with nothing on the other end.

CDP works fine and they have a older copy of LMS 3.0 which shows the switch fine. To me it looks like the CM and DCR databases are out of sync.

LMS = 3.2
CM = 5.2.0
Common services = 3.3

Given that you're still on CM 5.2.0 you may be seeing a bug where Data Collection does not complete. You should consider upgrading to LMS 3.2 SP1 (downloadable from, then run a full Data Collection and see if the missing switch shows up.

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