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Friday, June 17, 2011

How do you change hardware (WS 6509) on a VSS

We need to change two blades from our WS-6509-Es, which are configured in VSS and is in production. The blades that will replace the old blades are a different kind, we will exchange two WS-X6704-10GEs for two WS-X6748s. Do we need to reload the chassis after the hardware change in order to compile a new running-config? Or, since the blades are hot swappable, will the supervisor engine take care of this without reloading?

6500 support OIR without reloading the system, this is independent of operational mode - VSS or Standalone. If this modules will be removed from production network then you may want to follow best practice to minimize data loss with OIR process. Refer to Catalyst 6500-E Linecard Module Recovery Analysis section in Chapter 4 of following Design Guide. Please click here for the guide.

Also you do not need to reboot the switch. If you are putting the 6748 in the 6704 slot, you need to provision the new module. Please click here for more details.

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