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Monday, June 20, 2011

How do you connect MPLS Over EThernet Xconnect More than two sides

We have a Site Headquarters and 2 Customer Sites. The lan network Site Headquarters is: Vlan 30 and we need extended this lan to our two sites Costumer A and B.

We tried do this with command below -

int f0/0.30
encapsulatio dot1 30
xconect 20 encapsulation mpls
xconect 30 encapsulation mpls

The problem is that xconect 30 overrides xconect 20

Can you please recommend the right topology configuration?

EoMPLS (what you have) is a point to point technology. So you can create pseduwires between 2 sites only.

To connect more than 2 locations at L2 you need VPLS which is supported only on some specific platforms with specific hardware.

Please click here (Cisco credentials required) for more Cisco documentation on EoMPLS

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