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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How do you design a EOBC dual channel in 6500?

We have had hardware fault issue with EOBC primary channel, so we are planning to architect with EOBC dual channel. Is this possible? Is there a qualified EOBC dual channel included in the supervisor 32 engine, WS-X6848 line card, etc.

On a 6500 EOBC is a bus, located on the chassis and every line card has a connection to this bus.
Troubleshooting errors with EOBC can sometimes be challenging as we cannot isolate which line card is causing EOBC problems.

When you look at Nexus 7000 - EOBC there is a full duplex one to one connection between the line card and the supervisor. So if there is a problem with one module jamming EOBC - it will not effect other modules.

On the 6500 EOBC will continue to be a shared bus (on a 6500).

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