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Thursday, June 30, 2011

How do you disable DHCP in a Cisco 1841 Router?

We are moving from peer-to-peer to Client-Server. We are installing MS Small Business Server 2011 that needs to provide DHCP services: How do you disable 1841 DHCP server using SDM ?
Help file reads: " Additional Tasks on the Cisco SDM category bar, click DHCP, and configure..." but Additional Tasks button is inop.
Router ip =, SBS server ip =

In SDM you can enter CLI commands and they will be sent to the router. Please click here for more information on SDM configuration.
To disable DHCP the CLI command is: no service dhcp.

Also you can specify the IP address of the server that will be using as the DHCP server. Go to the interface that you will be connecting your clients and type:
config-if)# ip helper-address
Where is the DHCP server.

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