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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is mixed feature sets in 3750 stack fully supported?

Can you please clarify what is supported in terms of running a mixed feature set in a Cisco 3750 switch stack.
We are looking at setting up a stack consisting of 5 x 3750V2 and 2 x 3750G. Due to a requirement for full EIGRP we need the IP Services feature set. Is it a supported configuration to run with 2 or 3 switches running the IP Services feature set as stack masters and the others running IP Base? We understand that if stack master priorities were set these switches with the higher feature set could manage the stack and offer IP Services accross the stack. If we were to lose all of the switches running IP Services the stack would drop back to IP Base.

What is the supported configuration that does not breach any license policies? Is this likely to cause any problem other than above now and for future IOS releases?

The Cisco StackWise technology requires that all units in the stack run the same release of Cisco IOS Software. When the stack is first built, it is recommended that all of the stack members have the same software feature set - either all IP Base or all IP Services. This is because later upgrades of Cisco IOS Software mandate that all the switches to be upgraded to the same version as the master.

Please click here for a white paper from Cisco that provides an overview of the Cisco® StackWise™ and Cisco StackWise Plus technologies and the specific mechanisms that they use to create a unified, logical switching architecture through the linkage of multiple, fixed configuration switches.

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