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Thursday, June 2, 2011

NAT table in an RV 120W? (Equivalent of hosts file)

We are trying to administer the small biz network for the satellite office we work out of. We're using an RV120W Small Business router. The problem we have is that when people visit the office from our main site, their Outlook connections won't work because they're set up to use a local server address, since usually they're on the same LAN as the email server. The server is externally accessible, so all we need to do is set up an entry in their hosts file translating the network alias (server.local) to the external IP. However, this is obviously pretty time consuming and requires them to switch it off whenever they're back on the main site. Is there a way to do it automatically in our router instead? Unfortunately though, we can't seem to find what this might be called anywhere. Is there an equivalent of the hosts file, or a DNS table, or something like that?

The clients are going to see the router as their primary DNS server. All DNS query requests will first be sent to the router. the router will resolve for the mail server to it's INTERNAL IP address. For all other queries( for eg hosts trying to reach will be forwarded by the router to the DNS server. Here is how you can configure your router for this:

1. Ip dns server
2. Ip host -------------mapped the domain name to the IP address
3. Ip name-server ------------set the previously configured DNS as the forwarding address
4. Ip domain look-up

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