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Monday, July 25, 2011

Does VSS have an advantage over HSRP, redudancy?

Does VSS have more redudancy than HSRP because VSS has both distribution switches active instead of passive and active like HSRP?

VSS differnt from HSRP interms of mechanism and also VSS is not a protocol.

The most important thing here is although both they archive many to one vitalization but with HSRP you have the topology works in active/Standby for both control plan and data/forwarding plan

However with VSS you will have control plane works in active/standby ( manage routing, ARP and config through the Active VSS peer ) however from forwarding plane both devices/uplinks are in forwarding so you will have all you links forwarding which is not achievable using HSRP ( unless you are using cisco Nexus Switches )

The decision based on the requirements - size and amount of traffic and budget as well but interns which one better if you can afford it i would say VSS

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