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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

VSS configuration on 2 6509-E chassis question

Currently we are running VSS on 2 6509-E chassis. Both chassis have identical hardware:
VS-S720-10G-3C (1 per chassis)
WS-X6708-10G-3C (1 per chassis)
other line modules

The VSL links use 1 TenGig iface on the supervisor, and 1 TenGig iface on the 6708 linecard on each chassis.
We also configured dual-active detection (fast-hello).

We don't like the 1 supervisor in both chassis. If the sup fails, the VSS setup is useless.
My question: can we easily add (and configure the 2nd VSL link on the new supervisors) a supervisor in each chassis withouth having to convert the VSS system to standalone mode?

Can we convert from a 1 supervisor/chassis VSS setup (as configured now) to a 2 sup/chassis VSS setup without converting to stand-alone mode to configure the aditional VSL links... (as this will cause serious downtime).

Yes, you can add the second Supervisor without going back to standalone mode.

However, as long as everything is dual-homed to the VSS, the loss of a single Supervisor should have only sub-second impact on traffic as it switches to the remaining switch in the Multi-chassis EtherChannels. MOre information about Quad Supervisor Uplink Forwarding can be found here.

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