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Monday, August 8, 2011

%DIAG-SP-3-MAJOR: Module 5: Online Diagnostics detected a Major Error. Can you please help resolve this?

One of the Supervisor module is repeatedly going into ROMMON mode on startup.
SUP model:VS-S720-10G

Please use 'show diagnostic result ' to see test results
This usually means that Module 5 is experiencing some major errors. In order to confirm whether it is a hardware failure or not, could you please set the diagnostic level to complete and hard reset the card.
In order to set the diagnostic level to complete do the following

conf t
bootup diagnostic level complete.
Once this configuration is done, please hard-reseat the line card.
After that please capture the output of show diagnostic result module 5 detail.

If you see the diagnostic result as fail, then it is an indication of hardware failure and the module needs to be replaced.

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