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Monday, August 8, 2011

Does EOBC have dual channel? Does Cisco Cat6500 switch support EOBC dual channel.

EOBC is a bus, located on the chassis and every line card has a connection to this bus. one can also say it as, the communication channel between the Supervisor and the Linecards, Dual EOBC channel is to have a redundancy in place when one of the EOBC channel jams. Please note in 6500 EOBC is a half-duplex medium.

On Nexus 7K platforms - EOBC there is a full duplex one to one connection between the line card and the supervisor. So if there is a problem with one module jamming EOBC - it will not affect other modules

Unfortunately due to the complexity involved in mix of dual/single EOBC channel capable LC's in 6500, there is no plans of adding this dual channel feature in the 6500 by Cisco.

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