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Friday, September 30, 2011

How do you configure vlan routing through 871 router

We have a 2960 switch with three vlans connected to an 871 router. Vlan10 for servers, Vlan20 for workstations and Vlan30 for testing purpose. How can we get all three Vlans to go out the internet and have Vlan's 10 and 20 to talk to each other.

You need to do two things.

1) Configure the port on the SWITCH you are using to link to the router as a trunk port, encapsulation 802.1q and allow the required VLAN's - the following command should do it

conf t
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allowed vlan 10,20,30
copy run start

Enter your interface number as appropriate

2) Configure the port on the ROUTER you are using to link to the switch with some sub interfaces in dot1q mode by doing something like this (I've assumed you're using interface f0/1 - put in the one you're actually using).

conf t
int f0/1.10
encapsulation dot1q 10
description VLAN 10 Servers
ip address

int f0/1.20
encapsulation dot1q 20
description VLAN 20 Workstations
ip address

int f0/1.30
encapsulation dot1q 30
description VLAN 30 testing
ip address

copy run start

Again, use your own interface designation - this means you only have to run one connection between router and switch.

You may also have to fiddle with routing tables/NAT configurations if you are using your router to do NAT for your internet connection.

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