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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Junos Pulse and Cisco Mobile VOIP app on iPhone

We have 2 SA6500s in an active/active cluster and are using Junos Pulse to allow iPhones to access our network. However, we are trying to use the Cisco Mobile VOIP app (I'm using 8.1) for voice calling. When we're on our internal wireless, VOIP works fine. When connected via Pulse, the voice mail works but Internet calling is disconnected. It looks like it repeatedly connects and disconnects. Has anyone seen this before? Thanks.

Solved disabling SIP INSPECTION on Cisco FWSM facing CUCM!

No reason: indeed it's the very same firewall that packets from iPAD meet from intranet.

May be the problem was that from vpn connections packets go trough another more Cisco Firewall. SIP inspection on Cisco Firewalls never used to work with third party sip devices, now does not work with Cisco SIP devices as well!

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