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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What is the command to check supervisor crc error threshold is needed

We have seen the following message on a CISCO 7609-S (12.2(33)SRD3):

%FABRIC_INTF_ASIC-4-FABRICCRCERRS: Fabric ASIC 0: 239 Fabric CRC error events in 100ms period

Explanation (Output Interpreter): The Switch Fabric interface Fabric interface encountered more crc error events than the Supervisor crc error threshold allows.

We would like to check the current crc error counter and crc error threshold on the supervisor.

Does anybody know which commands have to be issued to get this information?

Please take off the following outputs several times with a slight interval between them:

show fabric channel-counters
show fabric errors
show fabric drops

remote command switch sh fabric errors

it might be a one time occurrence (most likely).

Also please click here to get the documentation on Truncated mode and understanding the Catalyst 6500 Switch Fabric Module with Supervisor Engine 2.

If you're using truncated, it looks like the default threshold is 2. You may also want to look at Switch Fabric Module Redundancy in the same document.

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