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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

QOS on GRE over IPSec Tunnel

On the remote routers we would like to prioritize (priority or bandwidth) the traffic going to the server.The configuration we have made so far is :

class-map match-any QOS
match access-group 160
policy-map output
class QOS
bandwidth 2000 class-map match-any QOS
match access-group 160
policy-map output
class QOS
bandwidth 2000

We have created the folowing ACL
access-list 160 permit ip any host
(i have the route in my routing table via OSPF that goes to reache the server via Tunnel 0)

When i try to apply the policy map to the tunnel interface in the output direction i get the following error.

Weighted Fair Queueing feature is not supported in user defined class of parent level policy

When I try applying the policy map to the fizical interface it works but i don`t get any matches.
How would you do QOS in our scenario?

When an interface becomes congested and packets start to queue, you can apply a queueing method to packets that are waiting to be transmitted. Cisco IOS logical interfaces—tunnel interfaces in this example—do not inherently support a state of congestion and do not support the direct application of a service policy that applies a queueing method. Instead, you need to apply a hierarchical policy. Create a "child" or lower-level policy that configures a queueing mechanism, such as low latency queueing with the priority command and class-based weighted fair queueing (CBWFQ) with the bandwidth command.

policy-map child
class voice
priority 512

Create a "parent" or top-level policy that applies class-based shaping. Apply the child policy as a command under the parent policy because admission control for the child class is done according to the shaping rate for the parent class.

policy-map tunnel
class class-default
shape average 2000000
service-policy child

Apply the parent policy to the tunnel interface.

interface tunnel0
service-policy tunnel

Click here for documentation on how to configure QoS options on tunnel interfaces.

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