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Sunday, January 8, 2012

SNMP on Nexus 5548 Failing

The version on nexus is 5.0(3)N2(1)
It looks to me that snmp had been hanged for a while
dcassw202# sh processes cpu sort
PID Runtime(ms) Invoked uSecs 1Sec Process
----- ----------- -------- ----- ------ -----------
4565 1308 3838622539 0 46.5% snmpd
4681 184 90 2045 5.0% netstack
4476 1054 14064363 0 1.0% pfma

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

This is a known bug and here is the workaround:
Unload the BRIDGE-MIB from the switch by using snmp server commands. If the switch is reloaded you will have to redo step 1 as this command is not persistent. For detailed information on the workaround please contact Cisco TAC.

Please click here for (Cisco login required) to get more details on the bug.

Also remember disabling SNMP will not fix this problem, you have to unload the BRIDGE-MIB to free up the memory. However, per the bug's release note, this information needs to come from TAC only.

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