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Thursday, January 26, 2012

What is the correct IOS for Sup720?

In our new 6513E chassis we plan to run Sup720 cards. This will be replacing our existing 6509 Sup2 setup in production. My questions are

What current IOS version should I run on the Sup720 ? I would like to support SSH. The chassis will be populated with a couple of
6724 SFP cards, 2 6704 10 gig cards and a few 6748 line cards.

Is there a good config guide ?

The IOS you should be using will depend on the features you are configured on the box. If you are unsure on the feature support you can choose the advance enterprise service images such as the one below which is certified as safe harbor release by Cisco.


Regarding your query for IOS feature set, this is very well explained in the document below - Cisco IOS Packaging. Please click here.

Also the please click here for more information (feature Navigator) that may come in handy if you want to verify the list of features supported by an image-

You may download the images at here (requires Cisco credentials).

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