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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Connectivity Problem or Packet Loss with WS-X6548-GE-TX and WS-X6148-GE-TX Modules used in a Server Farm

We are running these modules in my Cisco 6500 chassis and have a lot of connectivity issues. We lose network connectivity every 5-6 day at around the same time. We have (2) C7000 Chassis with HP VC-Flex 10 Modules connected via 20Gb LAB to each Cisco Cisco 6513 Switches. However, the OA Modules on C7000 are connected via 1Gb uplink to either 6548 and 6148 modules. We believe that this is causing the network connectivity issues.

What modules would you recommend to replace 6548 and 6148? These are meant to be used for 1Gb desktop connectivity, and not for Server Farm.

This is expected behavior when you stick an ACCESS switch-level line card and connect SERVERS. Both the 6148 and the 6548 weren't design for the server environment. This responsibility falls squarely on the 6748 (hence you won't find a PoE version of this card).

Please make sure that the client has no intention of upgrading to Sup2T. If the client has NO intention then go ahead and recommend the 6748 line card for the server farm. If they do have the intention to upgrade to the Sup2T, then just be warned that the 6748 will not be supported by the Sup2T until you upgrade the DFC/PFC card.

Also 6724 or 6748 (with DFC) would be fine. (NB: with a 6513 and sup720, only 5 bottom slots offer 40 Gbps).

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