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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Unable to reset vty settings

We are having trouble resetting the 'line vty' settings for my switch. We have incorrectly configured the settings as follows and would like to change them back to default without resetting the entire switch. The current settings are:

Line vty 0 3
login local
line vty 4
login local
line vty 5
login local
line 6 15
login local

What we try to do is to put 'line vty 4' back to be included in the settings for 'line vty 0 4' and also want the same for 'line vty 5' to be added to 'line vty 6 15'. Can someone guide me as to how to reset these settings or add them together as requesetd.

When we try to run 'no line vty' we get an error that says 'you cannot erase lines 0 15' (or somethins along those lines)

Usually when line vty 4 shows up in the config differently from vty 0 3 it is because there is something configured differently on vty 4. I do not see that in what you posted. Similarly when vty 5 shows up by itself it is usually because something is configured on it different from the vty 6 15. Are you sure that there is not something else that shows up in the output of show run for these vty lines?

One approach that might work (but since I have not used it on the vty lines I can not say from experience what it will do) would be to try this:
default line vty 0 4
default line vty 5 15
This might set them back to their default settings and get them to show up together as you want.

Another approach would be to use the command
line vty 0 4
and then to configure any and all parameters that you would like to apply to the vty lines. And then do the same with
line vty 5 15

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