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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We are getting below error messages in show logs -
Aug 12  15:30:57.127 IST: %ENVIRONMENT-3-RPS_FAILED: Faulty internal power supply  detected 
Aug 12 15:31:02.175  IST: %ENVIRONMENT-3-RPS_FAILED: Faulty internal power supply detected 
Aug  12 15:31:08.219 IST: %ENVIRONMENT-3-RPS_FAILED: Faulty internal power supply  detected 
Aug 12 15:31:10.239  IST: %ENVIRONMENT-3-RPS_FAILED: Faulty internal power supply detected
there is no error messages related to PSU in "show env all " log  .
Please let me know if any issue with h/w or its a cosmetic issue and in which release its fixed .
here is show version -
------------------ show version ------------------
Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software
IOS (tm) C2950 Software (C2950-I6K2L2Q4-M), Version 12.1(22)EA13, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)
Technical Support:
Copyright (c) 1986-2009 by cisco Systems, Inc.
Compiled Fri 27-Feb-09 22:20 by amvarma
Image text-base: 0x80010000, data-base: 0x80680000
ROM: Bootstrap program is C2950 boot loader
##### uptime is 2 weeks, 5 days, 21 hours, 48 minutes
System returned to ROM by power-on
System restarted at 23:54:47 IST Sat Jul 23 2011
System image file is "flash:c2950-i6k2l2q4-mz.121-22.EA13.bin"
Cisco WS-C2950G-24-EI (RC32300) processor (revision K0) with 19912K bytes of memory.
If the Cisco 2950 does not have RPS connected and sh env shows no RPS connected/supported, then this is a cosmetic bug.
CSCse84332    Unexpected RPS failure message on bootup
This message is not correct since the unit does not have RPS and does not have any internal power supplies. This occurs under all conditions and these logs are erroneously indicating an error condition that does not exist. There is no workaround for this behavior. The logs can be ignored.
Try reloading the switch, else in worst case, replace the switch.

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