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Monday, April 23, 2012

Nexus 7000 and 2000. Is FEX supported with vPC?

Is vPC supported between a single 2232PP FEX and two 7000 switches running 6.0(1)? We have been researching this for an implementation we are doing for a client and was able to determine it was not supported with earlier versions of 5.0 when the FEX is connected via vPC as we described above, but we can't find anything related to version 6.0(1). We have done this for other clients with 5000 and 2000 switches, but not with 7000 switches. Please advise.

Unfortunately, this is misleading, since you can uplink one FEX to multiple NK5s with no problems. You would think the same is possible with the 7Ks, but that is not the case. I asked the same exact question from our Cisco SE a couple of months ago. They did not have an answer as when this feature may be added to the OS. Try contacting your local SE or sales guy and see if they can ask the question for the 7K Business Unit (BU). unfortunately, the BUs are different when it comes to 5Ks vs 7Ks. so the same exact functions that you may see in 5K, may not be deployed in 7Ks and vice versa (hence this issue).

Please click here for the release notes I do not see this function being added in ver 6.

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