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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Steps to upgrade IOS on 2811 from V 12.2.X to V 15

We purchased several Cisco 2811 with Advanced IP Services - they are version 12.2.X
The product number looked like this
CISCO2811-HSEC/K9    2811 Bundle w/AIM-VPN/SSL-2,Adv IP Serv,10 SSL lic,128F/512D
We need to upgrade the IOS to version 15.1 -
Do we require a license ? What happens if we install it without a License ? Are we entitled to a free license as we are not changing the software type (ADV IP Serv) ?

As long as you paid for Advanced IP Services IOS, and have a valid service contract, you can load IOS 15. But you need to ask your sales guy or SE for the software activations key.
You can't use the new feature that requires license if you do not activate (buy) the new license. Please click here for IOS Packaging models for 2900 series routers.

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