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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

%C4K_SWITCHINGENGINEMAN-3-PPECELLDUPDETECTED: Free cell duplicate(s) detected 46A0. System will be reset

We have encountered this error a year ago with a primary core switch and also a secondary core switch last February. We replaced the Supervisor Module already since from previous post and from another source in Cisco TAC, it seems to be a hardware issue that is something to do with the SUP ENGINE Processor. Is there a fix for this issue or we need to replace the Supervisor Module IV again? Below is the version and logs messages.
Cisco IOS Software, Catalyst 4000 L3 Switch Software (cat4000-I9S-M), Version 12.2(25)EWA14, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
%C4K_SWITCHINGENGINEMAN-3-PPECELLDUPDETECTED: Free cell duplicate(s) detected 46A0. System will be reset.

The error message means there was a parity error on the supervisor.  SUP-IV and lower do not have parity correction support. When memory  corruption occurs on the supervisor is can cause corruption for all the  remaining packet buffers. The supervisor is reset to avoid a prolonged  outage. If this has only happened once on this supervisor module I would  monitor status and replace if it happens again. While parity errors are  unavoidable they are rare.

This is not a software issue but we have a defect that provides a bit more detail CSCsg28982.

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