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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cisco vss - connect from access switch with no etherchannel

Can we dual connect my access switch to my 6509s running vss. Will the spanning tree still block one of the ports if we don't set up an ethernet channel?

Assuming a basic topology where there is no VLAN trunking etc going on then yes, STP will block one of the links as you have created a layer 2 loop.

If the links were VLAN trunks and carrying all VLAN's on both links, the above blocking scenario would also apply.

If the links were VLAN trunks and only carrying a subset of VLANs on link #1 and another subet on link #2 (e.g. VLAN's 100 and 110 on link 1 and VLAN's 200 and 210 on link 2) then no blocking would occur as there would be no layer 2 loop.

That should cover off pretty much all the scenarios you could use.

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