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Friday, May 11, 2012

Facing issue with POE for WS-X4648-RJ45V+E module on 4500

The POE module  WS-X4648-RJ45V+E i on 4506 is getting faulty i.e  the desktops are getting connected but the module is not able to deliver power to the ip phone.
I tried and replaced the module  but it worked for  some time and again got faulty.This way my three modules have gone faulty even I tried and changed the slot but no results.
I am not able to trace out whether this issue is with some phones connected on the moudle.
thing is the show power commands o/p seems to be normal, once the power over limit logs are getting generated prior to the failure of POE on the module.

Almost about 40 avaya Ip phones are connected on the module. The following errors are generated for the module
INLINEPOWEROVERWARNING: Module 2 inline power exceeds threshold: status changed to 'Pwr Over'
INLINEPOWEROK: Module 2 inline power within limits: status changed to 'Ok'

This problem could be related to a known bug, if you are using 1400W power supplies.


Inline power exceeds threshold:Module status changed to 'Pwr Over'
This message indicates that the measured PoE is higher than the  configured value. The switch has either mis-configured PoE or an  unauthorized powered device that is connected to the switch and is drawing a  lot of PoE. In installations with a 1400 W DC power supply, this warning can  be a false positive.
Recommended Action:
You can use the show power detail command and  keyword or the show module command to compare the administrative  (configured) power (measured) consumption to the operating power  consumption. Verify that PoE is set correctly and that no unauthorized  powered devices are connected to the switch. For more information, refer to  bug ID CSCef49715.

bugID - CSCef49715;

Catalyst 4500 with 1400 DC power supply may report "Pwr Over" or "Pwr Fault"
status for the following modules

- WS-X4248-RJ45V
- WS-X4248-RJ21V
- WS-X4548-GB-RJ45V

The following logging messages may also be generated

%C4K_IOSMODPORTMAN-4-INLINEPOWEROVERWARNING: Measured inline power higher than
configured value

module limit

The above symptoms are typically generated if one of the PoE devices connected
to the module is drawing more power than it should. Make sure the connected
devices are not drawing more power than expected. However, in systems using
1400W DC power supplies, it is also possible that due to an anomaly in the
measuring mechanism in these linecards, the messages and associated status are
erroneously displayed. There is NO functionality/performance impact due to this
condition. The modules are safe and would have no impact to the operation of the
switch or the connected PoE devices.

Troubleshooting steps:
This situation may be caused by a device that is using more inline power than
allocated. Please make sure that the right amount of inline power has been
allocated to each device. If the inline power allocation is correct, start
pulling out one device at a time and see if the power usage decreases as
expected. (You can use the command, "#show power detail" to see the inline
power allocated to the module (admin) and the inline power used (operating).)
If the "inline power used" decreases sharply when a device is disconnected,
chances are that this device is using more inline power than allocated.
Avoiding using this device should solve your problem.

If after disconnecting all the devices on the module, the inline power usage
is still high, and the system does not use 1400W DC power, call TAC.


On 1400W DC powered systems, this is a cosmetic problem but here are the

- If this happens with PWR-C45-1400DC-P (DC power supply), using
other type of power supplies (e.g. AC power supply) would avoid this problem

- To prevent this from happening with this combination of Power Supply and
Linecards, make sure to insert the modules atleast after about 1 second after
the 12v (data) and 48v (inline power) power supply switches has been turned
on. In other words, power cycle the switch without these linecards in the
chassis and insert them once the switch is powered up.

If this message is seen on a system with 1400W DC power, please refer to the
steps mentioned in "Recommended Action".

Recommended action:
1. Collect the output of "show power detail".
2. Contact TAC to open case and attach the above output.
3. In agreement with TAC, please raise an RMA from Mfg-new and EFA the board.

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