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Saturday, June 2, 2012

C6509-E : EARL L3 ASIC: Non-fatal interrupt Netflow interrupt

For a while now we can see this log entry on our 6509-E device :
%EARL_L3_ASIC-SW1_DFC3-3-INTR_WARN: EARL L3 ASIC: Non-fatal interrupt Netflow interrupt
It appears every second. We are looking for information about that. But we are not able to find anything on the web.
Netflow config is :
ip flow-export source Loopback0
ip flow-export version 9
ip flow-export destination 9996
Switch config is the same on another device. That one doesn't get this log entry. Can you please help?

We did a "diagnostic level complete"  and then reseat the module 3 of the switch 1. But we still get the same error message every  second.

If the problem is persistent that would indicate bad memory on module 3used for netflow. It is  reporting a sigle bit parity error each time the suspect memory is addressed. ECC on the card is correcting the bit flip and alerting you of the event. I dont see this being a transient issue and I recommend you open a TAC case and have the module replaced.

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