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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Juniper SSG5 Software Upgrade To or Beyond 6.2.0r4.0 Causes Constant Reboot/Crash

We are trying to upgrade the software on my SSG5.  I started with 6.2.0r2.  We wanted to go to the newest 6.2.0 release (6.2.0r10).  But the SSG keeps crashing after it's been up for about 10 seconds.  So, we started upgrading a release at a time.  We successfully get all the way up to 6.2.0r3.  But if we try 6.2.0r4 or newer (6.2.0r9, 6.2.0r10 or even 6.3.0r7) the SSG crashes. 

We thought maybe it was the bootloader, so we upgraded that to 1.3.3, but we get the same result.

Juniper fixed this issue in Release 6.2.0r12.Here are the Release Notes that talks about the fix :

"587433-Sometimes after OS upgrade, the firewall did not start up because of a certain condition in flash writing mechanism."

Upgrade your device to 6.2.0r12 or 6.3.0r9 to fix the issue.

If the device is crashing try to update the firmware using boot loader.

If you are still having issues install  the old firmware to the box through console/bootloader and then boot it up. Then take a backup of configuration and then erase  all configuration from the device. Then  upgrade it again to an empty device and check the new firmware. Then  copy/paste the installation of the old configuration and it should work correctly. 

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