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Monday, October 22, 2012

How to setup the Configuration of NetScreen-Remote Side:

Create New Policy by clicking the New Connection icon on upper left corner.  Label this new connection Corporate
  1. On Remote Party Identity and Addressing
    1. ID Type: IP Subnet
    2. Subnet:
    3. Netmask:
    4. Click Connect using Secure Gateway Tunnel
    5. ID Type: IP Address:
  2. Expand the connection Corporate
    1. Click Security Policy
      1. Select Phase 1 Negotiation Mode: Aggressive
      2. De-Select Enable Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS)
      3. De-select "Enable Replay Detection"
    2. Click My Identity
      1. Select Certificate: None
      2. ID Type: Email address:
      3. Click Pre-Shared Key
        1. Click Enter Key
          1. Enter the Pre-shared key sharedikeid
          2. Click OK
    3. Expand Security Policy
      1. Expand Authentication (Phase 1)
        1. Select Proposal  1
          1. Authentication Method: Pre-Shared Key;Extended Authentication
          2. Encryption Alg: Triple DES
          3. Hash Alg: SHA
          4. SA Life: Unspecified
          5. Key Group: Diffie-Hellman Group 2
      2. Expand Key Exchange (Phase 2)
        1. Select Proposal 1
          1. Encrypt Alg. Triple DES
          2. Hash Alg. SHA
          3. Encapsulation: Tunnel
    4. Click Save

Please click here for  information on configuring other IPSec VPN clients

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