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Monday, October 8, 2012

Why isn't there a remote-as statement for any neighbors except for those in the global routing process & ipv4 vrf VRF-1 address-family?

The neighbor ... remote-as command is used to declare what is the BGP AS number used by the neighbor. The  configuration of a PE node like the one you have examined is an example of multiprotocol BGP MP BGP.

In MP BGP we define the neighbors with neighbor ...remote-as in router BGP configuration. The various address families like ipv4  unicast, ipv4 multicast, vpnv4 represent different areas of interest. Each BGP peer can be interested only in some specific address families and not in all of them.

The key command to tell the router that a specific neighbor is interested in address-family X is the neighbor activate command. With this command we instruct the local node in sending and receving updates named NLRI ( Network Layer Reachability information) for the specific address family X.

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