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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wake on LAN across a corporate environment

How do you setup wol in an environment where there are about 8 sites all connected on a private MPLS.
Each site has 20 - 50 PC's on it. We have been asked to configure the Cisco equipment to allow from a single place the ability to wake any PC at any office. We have looked at various documents on the Cisco website, but we are still not quite sure.

- start on the router connecting the subnet where the WoL source is located.
- determine what protocol port number is to be used for WoL.
- configure an ip forward-protocol to match that protocol port.
- configure an ip helper-address for every remote subnet which needs to receive WoL. (this is the most tedious of the steps since you need one per remote subnet)
- then on each remote router where WoL will be received configure an ip directed-broadcast on each interface where clients are connected that will receive WoL.

Depending on how concerned you are with security issues you may want to make use of the optional capability to configure an access list to control the directed broadcast to limit it to WoL.

In summary
- you need an ip forward-protocol statement to match the protocol port that will be used for WoL (frequently it is port 6 but depending on the server it might be something different).
- you need an ip helper-address configured on the source subnet for each destination subnet to forward the WoL as a broadcast to the remote subnet.
- you need an ip directed-broadcast on each remote subnet to permit forwarding of the WoL packet onto the subnet as a broadcast.

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