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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How do you connect a 4510 TenGig port to 2960 1Gb SFP?

We are planning on deploying a 2960 switch and will need to uplink it to a 4510 switch. There are 2 TenGig Ports available and we are  thinking of uplinking  one of them to the 1Gb SFP port on the 2960. Would this work? This is the model of the 2960: WS-C2960-48TC-L. It comes with the 2-Gig SFPs. We have the TenGig Converter for the 4510. 

You can connect the 4500 to a 2960 using a TwinGig converted.  This means that the link will be on a 1 Gbps. The 2960 will only talk 1 Gbps so your 4500 should also talk in the same speed or the link won't work. The only way to get this done in the 4500 is to use a TwinGig coverter.  The TwinGig converter is an insert that will convert a single 10 Gbps port into two 1 Gbps ports. 

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